The Team

Putting on a Jamboree for over 1000 participants takes a lot of hard work by a lot of people. Below are the various people who have taken on specific tasks within the Jamboree, but lets not forget the dozens of other staff members who are working hard before, during and after the event to make the whole thing possible!

Core Team:

  • Director-
  • Programme / Events Manager-
  • HR Manager-
  • IT Manager-
  • Secretary-
  • Site & Infrastructure Manager-.
  • Participant & Sub Camp Manger-
  • Booking/Registration Secretary-
  • Finance Secretary-
  • Communication and International Manager-
  • Antony Streets
  • Debbie Thomas
  • Rachel Cass
  • Ryan Parry
  • Terry Gorman
  • Simon Young
  • Suzi Bullen
  • Charles Davis
  • John Rousell
  • Jane Mearns