Subcamps & Theme

Jurassic International Jamboree 2018 Subcamps

The Jurassic Subcamps are the communities you’ll be living in for your week at JIJ, we hope you’ll get to know your neighbours and share your experiences, stories and adventures with them. It is also an excellent opportunity to “brand” your campsite – maybe you’ll turn your modern campsite into a Jurassic Dino Nest or just a Jurassic Wasteland. We’ve chosen the Subcamp names based on our location and the name of the Jamboree “Jurassic” – we wanted to celebrate some of the great creatures to roam this land millions of years ago.

Jurassic International Jamboree Map 2018: Clicking Here

SubCamp - Bronto

SubCamp - Diplo

SubCamp - Raptor

SubCamp - Stego

SubCamp - T-Rex.

SubCamp - Trice.