Your Guide To Zone 6 - ICE

Session Times: 09:30 – 12:30 & 14:00 -17:00

Zone 6 - ICE has activities you will have never done before. You will be getting wet with our Water Rockets - Lets see how high you can pump yours! Ever made a campfire on water? Nows your chance at JIJ we will be making water campfires - and yes! it can be done. Ever wanted to walk on water? We will be offer Water zorbing for you to roll around on the water trying to stand up and stay on your feet! There will be plenty of other activities in the zone all of which are guaranteed to get you wet and make sure you have lots of fun.

How will it work?

You’ll just be able to turn up and have a go at most of our activities. There will be plenty to keep you occupied. We’ll run a virtual queuing system for our most popular activities so you can go and try the other things out whilst you wait your turn.

What do I need to wear/bring?

We suggest clothes that you don’t mind getting wet will definitely be needed for this one! Also we are in a field so sometimes when things get wet they get a little muddy too!